Advertising copy dating website ohio valley dating

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Advertising copy dating website

Language – First person language in both the title and the body 4. ” tells them of these ideas in your dating ads and you should notice an increase in CTR and conversions.However, even creating a duplicate of an existing profitable ad sometimes fails, so keep working at it.We’d love to hear more about the goals and visions of your online dating company.We feel confident we can help you and your subscribers achieve – and exceed – your direct response marketing goals.I have tried just about every combination you can think of, and I have concluded that the two most important factors in the The language and targeting works very well for both male and female targeted ads.Unfortunately, this can be rather difficult to manage if you are using Facebook as your primary traffic source, but Plenty of Fish allows dynamic insertion of targeting attributes, as well as first person language as long as you explain that it is an external website.When I started doing Internet marketing, I was scared of promoting dating or other low-paying offers because I didn’t think I could make them profitable.

Those are a few of the factors that I have noticed largely influence the success of a specific dating ads. landing page, your specific targeting, and more all play a role as well.However, if you actually implement these tips, I can guarantee your ads will perform better than before. Age targeting – 28 year old people are excited because the ad is talking directly to them 2.Pictures – A happy guy wearing a hat and a tan, busty woman – The female picture will probably not get approved on Facebook anymore though 3.In the fourth quarter of 2015, paid search spend in the dating category averaged .3 million per month, an 11% increase over the .8 million monthly average for the preceding 9 months of the year.To assess competition in the dating category, we looked at 312 top branded and non-branded keywords being sponsored by dating advertisers via U. Google desktop text ads from January through October 2016.

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